Question: How to save procedures to a library?

I have asked this before but am still confused. I have a half-dozen procedures I want to save. Don't want them in a module/package. I am using windows 10.

I just can't get the syntax correct on this.

Obviously after saving restart and load to test.

       "C:\Program Files\Maple 2018\lib", 




libdir := "C:/Users/Ronan/maple/toolbox/personal/lib";
     libdir := "C:/Users/Ronan/maple/toolbox/personal/lib"

LibraryTools:-Save(Pedal, cat(kernelopts(homedir), "/maple/toolbox/personal/lib/Pedal.mpl"));
Error, (in LibraryTools:-Save) could not open `C:\Users\Ronan/maple/toolbox/personal/lib/Pedal.mpl\Pedal.m` for writing


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