Question: solve ordinary differential equations

Hi everyone: 

I want to obtain r1(t), V(t) , q(t) in terms of U0 and plot V(t) in terms of U0, how? 

eq1:= diff(r[1](t), t, t)+(.3293064114+209.6419478*U[0])*(diff(r[1](t), t))+569.4324330*r[1](t)-0.3123434112e-2*V(t) = -1.547206836*U[0]^2*q(t)
eq2:= 2.03*10^(-8)*(diff(V(t), t))+4.065040650*10^(-11)*V(t)+0.3123434112e-2*(diff(r[1](t), t)) = 0
eq3 := diff(q(t), t, t)+1047.197552*U[0]*(q(t)^2-1)*(diff(q(t), t))+1.096622713*10^6*U[0]^2*q(t) = -2822.855019*(diff(r[1](t), t, t))


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