Question: Why is Maple registering &t as a neutral operator and not the tensor product?


I have just started using Maple for my university project and I am follwing this guide to calculate Killing Vectors. My issue is that when I try and define a metric using evalDG, I need to write dx&tdx to mean the tensor product between the two. Maple interperates this as a neutral operator and gives me "Error, invalid neutral operator".

I am not sure where the issue is as I have written exactly the same code as the guide and yet it gives me an error 3 lines in. Is there some issue that I am not aware of as someone who hasn't used Maple before? Any advice would be useful as I am not really sure how it is possible and I need to be able to write the tensor product to define the metric. 


Even for the simplest metric it does not work. My code is:

with(DifferentialGeometry): with(Tensor): with(LieAlgebras):
DGsetup([x, y], M):
g1:=evalDG( dx&tdx):

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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