Question: pdsolve gives division by zero

Should Maple handle this error internally and may be give no solution if it can't solve it instead of this  error?

When setting boundary condition to zero, maple gives error below. Heat PDE in a sphere. No angle dependency. Only the radial part.

pde:=diff(u(r,t),t)= 1/r*diff(r*u(r,t),r$2); #Laplacian in spherical
bc := u(1,t) =0;
pdsolve([pde,ic,bc],u(r,t),HINT =boundedseries(r=0)) assuming t>0

Error, (in assuming) when calling 'ln'. Received: 'when calling 'ln'. Received: 'numeric exception: division by zero''

Adding assumptions such as 0<r,r<1 did not help.

Physics version 348. Maple 2019 on windows 10. Is there something I am doing wrong? 


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