Question: How to isolate specific terms

Would you teach me how to collect and isolate specific terms in an equation?

For example, this is a given equation:

v1(t) - R1*(-i3(t)/n13 - i2(t)/n12) - L1*diff(-i3(t)/n13 - i2(t)/n12, t) = n12*(v2(t) - R2*i2(t) - L2*diff(i2(t), t))

From this equation, I wonder if there is a way to collect and isolate the derivative terms at the RHS, like this:

(- L1/n12+(n12 * L2))*diff(i2(t), t) + (L1/n13)*diff(i3(t), t) = -v1(t) + R1*(-i3(t)/n13 - i2(t)/n12) + n12*v2(t) - n12*R2*i2(t)

Thank you in advance!


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