Question: Vector vs. list. Evaluation issue.

We often use the vector notation "< >" as in <x, y, z>.  However, when I use it with a function, it does not evaluate the same way as a simple list "[ , ]". 

"restart;  g(r):=k*r;"

proc (r) options operator, arrow, function_assign; k*r end proc


g1 := g([x, y]); g2 := g(`<,>`(x, y))

g1 := k*[x, y]


Vector[column](%id = 18446745825756564886)


k := 1; g1; g2

k := 1


[x, y]


Vector[column](%id = 18446745825756564886)



The value of k is not applied in g2.  Can someone point me in the direction as to the difference between the two types of entities as interpreted by Maple?  

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