Question: How to save modules as package


I have a couple of functions wrapped into a module and want to make them available as a package.  The two modules have been saved as a mpl file.   I read and tried to follow the instructions on the online help (11. Writing packages) but even copying line by line of commands there, they simply did not work at all.    


1) After following the instructions on how to add a home dir into libname and saved it .mapleinit (I guess) I issued the commands

restart; libname;

my lib path is not there anymore.  

.mapleinit shows

libname := "mylibdir", libname:

libname:="/Users/eduardo/maple/toolbox/personal/lib", libname:


2) After issuing savelib, I did


that returns [];

Could you send me a set of commands showing how to do it, please?  

Many thanks


PS.  My next step is to write help files for each one of the functions.  


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