Question: Problem solving log equation

I was attempting to construct  a log question and noticed a problem with the answers that are being resolved by maple.

a := 2:
b := 10:
 c := -4:
d := 5:
rs := 4:
#notice I use the word filler below, in order to randomize later and replace "filler" with various "log[base]" or "ln".
equation1 := convert(filler(a*x+b)-filler(c*x+d) = rs, string):
equationAct := parse(SubstituteAll(equation1, filler, cat(ln))):
answer := [solve(equationAct, x)]:

#it appears maple is applying the log properties and suggesting solutions outside the real domain, for the individual log expressions.  The plot of the equation seems to confirm this.
plotA := plot(lhs(equationAct), x = -10 .. 10):
plotB := plot(rhs(equationAct), x = -10 .. 10):
plots[display](plotA, plotB);

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