Question: Difference between Threads:-Seq and Grid:-Seq - When and how to use them.


I am not sure how to choose between Threads:-Seq and Grid:-Seq.  

The problem:  a procedure, proc1, that calls two other procedures, proc2 and proc3, verifies if a set of parameters fulfills a certain condition. Proc1, proc2 and proc3 are not part of Maple available functions.  

Right now I am using Grid:-Seq to return the result of applying proc1 to chunks of a thousand parameters.  I wonder whether I could use Thread:-Seq instead.   What are the advantages of using one instead of the other?  And when do I choose one over the other?  


I would appreciate if you could provide simple examples to explain the differences.  


Many thanks.



PS.  There is a problem with Grid:-Seq as reported in one of my previous questions.

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