Question: Does Maple supports symbolic vector transpose rules

Hi, I have a problem that needs excessive use of symbolic matrix-vector manipulation. I'm using maple physics vector package. my first problem is that it seems this package don't support symbolic vector transpose and the related rules is there a way to implement this, for example, I want to write in symbolic form: V_*Transpose(V_) but maple eliminate the Transpose head function and evaluate this as V_^2 which is wrong, or I want maple automatically simplify the transpose rule which state that (ab)'=b'a' which a and b are symbolic matrices if maple doesn't understand this, so is there a way I can implement this.
my second question is how can I state that for example, A*B is not equal to B*A with just assuming A and B are Matrix with Airbtrary dimension and not define A and B indices so that whenever i type: A*B+B*A it doesn't evaluate it as 2*AB

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