Question: how to make Typesetting use typesetprime=true for all variables?

I am learning Typesetting so I can get better Latex.

I'd like to have all derivatives generated as y'(x) and not dy/dx regardless of what the derivative variable is. (It is more clear this way).

I found I can't even give Maple a list of the variables. But must do it each time one at a time.

I have thousands of ODE's I need to typeset, (they use different variables (depending on the textbook), and not always x or t, but the set of variables is not large).

so having to check and keep changing this setting each time is awkward (but I think is doable, as I know what the independent variable is for each ode so I can call Typesetting at start of each ode processing, once I know what the variable is).   

It wil be much easier if there is a way to tell Maple to do this for all variables. May be there is a good reason why Maple does not seem to allow such an option?

Here is an example

ode:=diff(y(t),t$2)+diff(y(t),t)+y(t)= 0:

Which gives the Latex I want

But if the variable was x instead of t, I have to do this

ode:=diff(y(x),x$2)+diff(y(x),x)+y(x)= 0:

I tried doing prime=[x,t] but Maple did not like this.

Is there a way or trick to tell Maple to use typesetprime=true for any letter?  I looked at but do not see a way so far.

Maple 2020.1 with Physics 776

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