Question: Kind help to enumerate permutation with repetion the output one by one

Below is python code found in the internet kind help to convert to maple but only thing instead on the input to be string I want it to be a set of integers or array of integers

Kind help

# Python program to print all permutations with repetition

# of characters


def toString(List):

    return ''.join(List)


# The main function that recursively prints all repeated

# permutations of the given string. It uses data[] to store

# all permutations one by one

def allLexicographicRecur (string, data, last, index):

    length = len(string)


    # One by one fix all characters at the given index and

    # recur for the subsequent indexes

    for i in xrange(length):


        # Fix the ith character at index and if this is not

        # the last index then recursively call for higher

        # indexes

        data[index] = string[i]


        # If this is the last index then print the string

        # stored in data[]

        if index==last:

            print toString(data)


            allLexicographicRecur(string, data, last, index+1)


# This function sorts input string, allocate memory for data

# (needed for allLexicographicRecur()) and calls

# allLexicographicRecur() for printing all permutations

def allLexicographic(string):

    length = len(string)


    # Create a temp array that will be used by

    # allLexicographicRecur()

    data = [""] * (length+1)


    # Sort the input string so that we get all output strings in

    # lexicographically sorted order

    string = sorted(string)


    # Now print all permutaions

    allLexicographicRecur(string, data, length-1, 0)


# Driver program to test the above functions

string = "ABC"

print "All permutations with repetition of " + string + " are:"


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