Question: label display issue

inequal({Re(ecs1) <= c, Re(ecs2) <= c, Re(ecs3) <= c}, Dm1 = 0 .. 1, c = 0 .. 1, color = "DodgerBlue", numpoints = 8000, transparency = 0, labels = [D[m1], c], axesfont = [16, 16], labelfont = [16, 16], axes = boxed)

Hi there, 

I have this issue when I try to name my label to Dm1 I get back "VectorCalculus:-Dm1". I know that after I have the figure, I can manually change it but I have many of them and want to save them automatically, therefore it would be necessary to immediately get the right label. 

Are there any suggestions? Maybe a different way, how to write subscript?


Thank you for your help!


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