Question: Heat Map graphic component's editing

Can anyone assist with Heat Map plotting questions?


I am interested in specifically formating axis.  i.e., can an axis be labels such as RPM range text =  "0-100, 101-200, 201-300", etc.  for each bin and rotated vertical to fit.   I tried most of the plot options with no success including labeldirections=[x, y].

Also, can I invert the data so the 1,1 bin is lower left corner vs upper left? tried to reverse the indices and errored with "inverted index" without resolution.


Lastly, I noted that I couldn't stack a frame Text plot of same size by assigning a plot to a variable and using display to overlay them.   The heat map is always on top and transparency option doesn't let the text come through.   


Plt1 := HeatMap(Array3[2 .. 101, 2 .. 31], color = C_List, size = [750, 450], transparency = 0.5)


Thanks in advance,





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