Question: Numerical solution of system PDEs

Dear Users!

I want to find the solution of the solution of PDEs as given bellow:

PDE1 := diff(u(y, t), t)+diff(u(y, t), t, t) = diff(u(y, t), y, y)-u(y, t);
PDE2 := v(y, t)+diff(tau(y, t), t) = diff(u(y, t), y);
ICandBC := {tau(y, 0) = 0, u(0, t) = 0, u(3, t) = 0, u(y, 0) = 0, (D[2](u))(y, 0) = 0};
pds := pdsolve({PDE1, PDE2}, ICandBC, numeric);

But got the following error

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_PDEs) number of dependent variables and number of PDE must be the same
Kindly help me to fix this error. I shall be very thankful. 

Special request to:
@acer @Carl Love @Kitonum @Preben Alsholm

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