Question: How to build a hyperbola

I know how to contruct an isoscele ABCD trapeze knowing the 2L length of AB and BC=CD=CD=a. But I don't know answer to that question : L being fixed together with points A and B , show that the place of C when a varies is a branch of hyberbola. Here is my code.

restart; unprotect(O, D);
Vdot := proc (U, V) add(U[i]*V[i], i = 1 .. 2) end:
dist := proc (M, N) sqrt(Vdot(expand(M-N), expand(M-N))) end:
_EnvHorizontalName := x: _EnvVerticalName := y:
L := 6; a := 7;
poly := [A, B, C, D, A];tp := textplot([[A[], "A"], [B[], "B"], [C[], "C"], [D[], "D"]], color = black, 'align' = {'above', 'right'});
trapeze := polygonplot(poly, axes = normal, color = "DarkGreen", transparency = .9);
display([tp, trapeze], scaling = constrained); Thank you foryour help.

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