Question: How to add a legend to an histogram?


How to add a legend to Statistics:-Histogram?

This could be particularly useful to compare histograms, for instance in

S := Statistics:-Sample(Normal(0, 1), 1000):
T := Statistics:-Sample(Normal(1, 1), 1000):

  Statistics:-Histogram(S, color=gold, transparency=0.3, legend="N(0,1)"),
  Statistics:-Histogram(T, transparency=0.3, legend="N(1,1)")

But doing this generates the error Error, (in Statistics:-Histogram) display does not accept the legend option

And yes indeed, even this command

h := Statistics:-Histogram(S, legend="N(0,1)")

already produces the same error.

After having examined the structure of h and using a way Carl Love gave here How to change the colour inn Statistics:-Sunflower?  I finally obtained the expected plot.

HS := Statistics:-Histogram(S, color=gold, transparency=0.3):
HT := Statistics:-Histogram(T, transparency=0.3):

hs := evalindets([op(HS)], specfunc(COLOUR), c-> (c, LEGEND("N(0,1)")) ):
ht := evalindets([op(HT)], specfunc(COLOUR), c-> (c, LEGEND("N(1,1)")) ):

PLOT(op(hs), op(ht))

But this rather long a way to proceed (Note: it seems that the overrideoption  that acer suggested in this prevous thread doesn't "work" here?)
Do you have any idea if there is a simpler solution?


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