Question: why dfieldplot and phaseportrait and DEplot not accept system in form x'=A x?

dsolve accept system of first order ode's in the form x'=A x, where x' is vector, A is matrix of coefficients and x are the dependent variables. This is convenient since one does not have to convert things to a list.

But  dfieldplot and phaseportrait and DEplot do not accept this form. One must convert things to list first.

Here is an example

sys:=Vector([diff(x(t),t),diff(y(t),t)]) = Matrix([[1,2],[0,3]]).Vector([x(t),y(t)]);


DEtools:-dfieldplot(sys,[x(t),y(t)],t=0..4,x=-4..4, y=-4..4);

Error, (in DEtools/dfieldplot) system must have same number of dependent variables as DE's.

workaround is to write the system as list

new_sys:=[diff(x(t), t)=x(t) + 2*y(t),diff(y(t), t)=3*y(t)];
DEtools:-dfieldplot(new_sys,[x(t),y(t)],t=0..4,x=-4..4, y=-4..4);

I know one can automate the conversion. But still, it would be better if dfieldplot would accept sys as dsolve did.

Same for 

DEtools:-phaseportrait(sys,[x(t),y(t)],t=0..4,[[x(0)=1,y(0)=0]],x=-4..4, y=-4..4);
DEtools:-DEplot(sys,[x(t),y(t)],t=0..4,[[x(0)=1,y(0)=0]],x=-4..4, y=-4..4);

They gives same error.

Since dsolve can do it, may be these other functions can also support taking a system of ode's in vector/matrix form? Any reason why not?

Maple 2021.1



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