Question: how product Riemann tensor to itself

hi guys,

I have a question about computing reimann tensor in general relativity.

suppose we have schwarzschidl metric: ds^2=-(1-2*m*(r^-1))*dt^2+(1-2*m*(r^-1))^(-1)*dr^2+r^2*dtheta^2+r^2*sin^2(theta)*dphi^2.

I want to caclulate R[alpha,beta,mu,nu]*R[~alpha,~beta,~mu,~nu] where R[alpha,beta,mu,nu] is covariant form of Reimann tensor and also R[~alpha,~beta,~mu,~nu] is the contravariant form of Riemann tensor. I also want to calculate same thing for weyl tensor. please guide me.

with best regards.

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