Question: How to interpret results from showprofile() ?

I am working on a modelling (simulation) program for an rf system involving DDSs, rf mixers and other components. Each component is programmed as a submodule with methods (procs) and other exports, the whole shebang wrapped into a main package loaded using with(). A loop simulates a number of scenarios with differing starting conditions. Most calculations are numeric in nature.

The code runs but is too slow and in addition seems to keep allocating memory as the main loop runs. I suspect these two are related. I am using profile() to get an idea where the time is spent and where the memory gets eaten up.

I am doing the following:

profile(DDS__Boo:-SetTW,rf__Boo:-cycles,rf__SR:-cycles); # profile these three methods (procs):
# the main loop:
# Loop over injection cycles

for cycle from 1 to Cycles do

  for ii from 0 to Points-1 do
  end do:

  BooRfPeriodsList[cycle]:=BooRfPeriods-evalf(rf__Boo:-cycles(c__B0/f__SR)); # rf periods cB0 to extr.
  evalf(BooRfPeriodsList[cycle])/432; # Booster turns c__B0 to extr  
  targetErrors[cycle]:=(%-round(%))*432; # targeting error in bucket width
end do:
# end loop

function           depth    calls     time    time%         bytes   bytes%
SetTW                  1    10240  230.877    51.52   22851828384    72.80
cycles                 1      110  108.607    24.24    4269176160    13.60
cycles                 1      110  108.607    24.24    4269176160    13.60
total:                 3    10460  448.091   100.00   31390180704   100.00

My question is: how do I interpret the table of results?

"time" is in seconds? (this should really be written in the Help files). Also, SetTW() and cycles() call other routines from the package, are they included in the times reported or not?

"bytes" is my biggest concern. "SetTW" has a whopping 22 GB against it. Since the total allocation goes up to about 290 MB in this particular run (per Maple's info line) this cannot be the total memory used. Can this be the total allocation (and most of it ending up as garbage and cleaned out)?? Even the 4 GB against cycles seems out-of-line.

The two lines for "cycles" are exactly the same even though the routines differ (belong to different instances of the module and operate on differnt parameters). Is profile aware of that, or not?

I realize that people like to see the whole program or worksheet; but given that this is dependent on a large-ish package and the sheet itself is of some size and difficult to penetrate for the uninitiated I want to spare you from trying to read it. Right now I need to understand what showprofile() is reporting. Once I better understand profiling, and if I need more help, I will try to make a MWE, but I am not that far yet. I did check the Programming Guide but I did not find the info I am looking for.

Thanks much for any insight you can share.

Mac Dude.

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