Question: how to compute symbolic Expressions

H all expert

first this Expression 

ni := diff(Q(x, t), t)+a*Q*(x, t)*(diff(Q(x, t), x))+b*(diff(Q(x, t), t$3))+d*(diff(Q(x, t), t$5)) = 0

then I want to solve  diff(Q(x, t), t$5) 

diff(Q(x, t), t$5) = solve(ni, diff(Q(x, t), t$5))#eq2

p (x, t) :=H1(t)*Q(x*H2(t), H3(t)) #assumption 

k := diff(p(x, t), t)+a*p(x, t)*(diff(p(x, t), x))+diff(p(x, t), t$3)+d*(diff(p(x, t), t$5))+c*p(x, t) #eq3

r := subs(diff(Q(x, t), t$5), k) #subs eq2 in eq3

i recived error

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