Question: how to tell Maple not to rearrange the solution of the equation found?



I asked solve to solve the above equation for A, expecting to get back (1/2+x+y)^(3), but it returns instead this

I looked at solve options, and tried number of them, but no change. I was looking for option to tell Maple not to simplify as it solves.

I also tried to see if the solution returned can be put back to the original form, and could not so far find a way, tried simplify and some options. But I did not try every possible method as there are do many.

Compare to Mathematica, which keeps the solution the same, as what one would expect. I see no reason to change it


The reason I am asking, is that it now makes parsing a little harder as I am looking for something in the form (expression)^power   as the solution.  i.e. the type to be `^`.    Now the type shows up as `*` because Maple for some reason changed it. 

It will easier if Maple did not do that, or if there is a way to change the expression back to the way it was. If all this fails, I have to just make the parsing handle this extra case form if needed.

Any suggestions?

Maple 2022.1


Found a way after lots of trials and errors



But it would have been better if Maple did not do the simplification in the first place. But I could not find an option to tell it to do that while solving.


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