Question: Print points with records

Is there a way to print points that have additional information that can be probed when mousing over the points?

I have an array of arrays with information in each element including the point: [x,y1,y2,R1, R2, R3, R4]

Where y1 and y2 are different values to graph per x(different plots)  and Rk are records for the data(other info that goes along with them such as day of week, rainfall on that day, etc). The different graphs might have different scales so it would be nice if they handled scaling effectively(e.g., |y1| < 1 and y2 > 3430).

I have about 50k points so it has to be relatively fast... as it's already taking a few minutes to process the data in to the array from a file using fopen and readline(not sure why so slow as I'm just using a few parses and cats to put it in an array but probably is being slowed by not being able to pre-allocate the array.

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