Question: Is it possible to add an entry to libname such that all subdirectories of a directory are searched for mla files?

I have a folder called Packages, and I added its path to libname. I have an .mla file in there that I have been experimenting with to learn about writing packages in Maple.

The workflow I have currently developed is as follows.

Imagine I am working on a library that does something specific. Just to give a simple example, let's say I want to write a package that has functions sum, add, multiply.

I create an mpl file and I edit it in VSCode which has a plugin with syntax highlighting. In this file I write my package, procedures, etc. At the end of the file I add a line that tells LibraryTools to save the package to an mla file that I am keeping in the same directory as the mpl file (for organizational purposes, not for any technicality).

So at this point both these files are in the Packages directory.

Now let's say I want to create another package for doing animations. I would do the same thing: an mpl file and an mla file.

At this point all four files are together in the Packages directory, because that is where Maple knows to search for mla files. 

However, this isn't very convenient if I want to use version control for each package individually.

To do this I would need to have the two files of each package in their own directory (like a subdirectory of Packages)

i can do this of course, by adding each of the two resulting directories (each with two files) to libname. 

But is it possible to tell Maple to simply search all subdirectories of the directory Packages?

In other words, in this workflow, must I update libname every time I make a new package (which consists of a directory, an mpl file, an mla file, and a git file)?

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