Question: A simplification problem involving ceil

It is easy to simplify the following expression (to 4), but maple's ceil function does not seem to be interested in simplifying it.

where n is greater than or equal to 4. 

simplify(ceil((3*n-8)/(n-3))) assuming n>=4, n::positive # As-is output

We have to rewrite "(3*n-8)/(n-3)" in this form "3 + 1/(n - 3)" to recognize.

simplify(ceil(3 + 1/(n - 3))) assuming  n>=4, n::positive


  • My first question is: How to transform (3*n-8)/(n-3) into 3 + 1/(n - 3) by maple?
  • My second question: Can we see the steps of execution of the simplification involving  ceil)?
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