Question: using different timeout values makes solve hangs. Unable to close.

Maple 2022.2 on windows 10. I found another serious problem with timelimit. When changing the timelimit value, solve hangs.

i.e. timelimit do not timeout.  But that is not all. Unable to terminate the process running the worksheet. Clicking on the little ! circle at the top does nothing.  But that is not all. Killing the server.exe from the task manager, now I am not even able to close the worksheet. Maple hangs on closing the worksheet.

This code below on  my PC produces this. I used 60 seconds to make it hang. When using 10 seconds it does not hang. You might have to change these values depending on how fast/slow your PC is. If it does not hang for you using 60, you might to try 100 and so on.

Why does it hang so bad? This really makes using Maple for development not practical if one can't even put a timeout on an operation like this. What is a user to do?  Not use solve? reduce the timelimit to avoid maple lockin? To what value? If I reduce all timelimits to 5 seconds, this will cause problems as I could lose solutions that will show up with more time.

Anyone else can produce this? Make sure to save all your work before because you might not be able to close the worksheet after this.  I use worksheet mode only.




eq:=1/24*ln(9*u + 2) + 1/8*ln(u) - 1/24*ln(3*sqrt(4*u + 1) + 1) - 1/8*ln(sqrt(4*u + 1) - 1) + 1/24*ln(3*sqrt(4*u + 1) - 1) + 1/8*ln(sqrt(4*u + 1) + 1) - 1/2*ln(x) - c[1] = 0;

   the_sol := timelimit(60,[solve(eq,u)]);
   print("finished before timeout");
    print("Timed out OK");
end try;




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