Question: Maple's LateX export contains unknown LateX commands in the ouput. What LateX package contains commands \idn{ } and \iup{ }?

I often want to export an expression from Maple to LaTeX. Often, the output will contain commands that my LaTeX compiler doesn't recongnize. This hinders my LaTeX document production efficiency greatly. I use MiKTeX and Texmaker to generate documents in LaTeX language. Naively I assumed that Maple sticks to core LaTeX packages when generating an output. I still don't know if that is the case. The main issue is that, I don't know which LaTeX packages some of the Maple outputs use, and so, I don't know which packages to load in my LaTeX document.

As a concrete example, I show how I convert an expression to LaTeX language and how that particular output contains commands: \iup and \idn which are not recongnized by my LaTeX compiler since I don't know which package these commands come from. I google search for commands \iup and \idn came up empty. How do I figure out what package these commands come from

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