Question: How to calculate a multiple series in Maple?

Dear members of the forum, please tell me if it is possible to calculate the series presented below by Maple 2022. As far as I understand, first you need to calculate the inner and then the outer sum, but I don’t know how to do this with the help of the program, this series does not converge, as it seems to me, but I can be wrong, if the series diverges, then I need to show it.

Sorry for my ignorance, but maybe I wrong apply such commands for calculation this sums:

Sum(F, a = 1 .. infinity, b = 1 .. infinity) = DefiniteSummation(F, a = 1 .. infinity, b = 1 .. infinity)

I understand, that Sum () not be able to recive more than one args, but I don't understand how to make this calculation...

Any idea? Thanks for advices and help!

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