Question: WavelengthToColor values and color

One might be flabbergasted by the following


Colors dosn't appear to match values given from this wavelength to rgb converter from here

Although the color is in agreement when converting the value given back into a color value.

So in maple WavelengthToColor(622) does not match the color above however (heads up using the method="linear" option makes it closer) if we go through the paces and convert #ff6f00 to a color, it comes out properly.  One might think is something wrong with the WavelengthToColor command?





Ok the color seems right but that's not what WavelengthToColor(622) gives


So as it turns out using method=linear makes it closer.

Time is short I haven't time to compose the question properly but likely has something to do with the HSV Colorspaces.  It's confusing.

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