Question: Maple 2022.2 becomes unresponsive after not used for sometime. Does it go to sleep?

I have noticed this before few times. I wonder if others have seen it.

When I have Maple open, (with may be few worksheets open) and not being used at all for anything and it is not running anything, after sometime (say 2-4 hrs or more), when I go back to using Maple, I find the GUI unresponsive. Nothing happens. Clicking on anything does nothing, It is frozen. Resizing the window, it become black and does not repaint.  

But If I wait about 5-10 minutes after doing this window resizing, it suddenly becomes responsive again and it become alive again.  This happened twice this week, where I was about to just kill Maple. Good thing I did not.

It feels like the Maple process/frontend went to sleep when not being used, and it takes few minutes to wake it up by shaking the window. I do not know what else could explain this.

This is windows 10. Latest updates and lots of RAM and nothing else is running on the PC at this time.

I go take a nap, come back and notice this. It does not happen all the time, but noticed it twice this week.

Any others seen this problem? Does Maple process go to sleep or hibernate when it detects it is not being used for sometime? Looking at task manager when this happens, I see no CPU activity at all and no memory changes at all in any of the servers.exe. So I think this might be a GUI issue, where Java go to sleep or something.   

Or it could be a windows 10 issue and not Maple. But I only noticed this with Maple where it seems to go to sleep when not used.

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