Question: Enable maple kernel in jupyterlab

I want to use the maple 2023 kernel in jupyter lab. I followed, to knowledge, the maple installation in windows10 and could not get it to work
after numerous attempts. Maybe it is a path issue that I am getting wrong.
I decided to use it with EndeavourOS distro for Linux as Sagemath interest me. Here it recognizes the kernel but gives syntax errors when
running code; it does not understand ‘:-’ for example. 
Again I used maple suggested installation to no avail.
I used the alternative following comands and it recognizes Maple2023 in the kernels menu but to repeat does not run code, simply gives errors.
sudo pacman -S python-jupyterlab
python -m venv maple2023
source maple2023/bin/activate
pip install jupyter ipykernel
python -m ipykernel install --user --name=maple2023
jupyter kernelspec list

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