Question: A question about the order used in coeffs.

Let P(x) a polynomial with a single indeterminate.
In Maple 2015 (please, do not consider this question if Maple >=2021 doesn't present this problemcoeffs returns the coefficients P(x) in a different in some circumstances:

m := [$1..3]:

add(m[k]*(R)^(k-1), k=1..3):
c:= coeffs(%, R, 't'): [c], [t];

                              [ 2      ]
                   [3, 2, 1], [R , R, 1]
add(m[k]*(R)^(k-1), k=1..2):
c:= coeffs(%, R, 't'): [c], [t];
                        [1, 2], [1, R]

The order in the first case is R^2, R^1, R^0 while it is R^1, R^0 in the second one.

It's quite easy to check if P(x) is of the form a+b*R and to reverse the output of coeffs. But does it exist an option of coeffs which monitors the output order.


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