Question: How do I verify one value is greater than another in Maple Flow

Hello everyone,

I am coming from Mathcad Prime wanting to use Maple Flow so I have no underlying knowledge of Maple language.

I just want to simply compare two numerical variables and check whether one is greater than or less than the other.

I have found the verify() function and found that it could not evaluate it, as it results in a "FAIL", however, a simple integer test would correctly test the inequality.


1. Is there another way to test this? What am I missing?  On Mathcad, i just use: Ve>Volcalculated and it would return a 1 or 0

2. Maple flow help (2023) does not really bring up the verify() function, I had to browse through examples and mapleprimes to get to it.  Is there a Maple Flow specific help to search for functions I can use?


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