Question: Any ideas on how to speed up/improve the implementation of this procedure?

I have a very simple procedure that I wrote to get information for an inequality using data from two lists, upon which I can create a pointplot . Now I know people will see what I have done and probably cringe, and believe me I do as well. I know it is not efficient and there is probably a numerous number of ways to do it better but my procedural skills for Maple are lacking. 

From my file you will see what I am attempting to do,nonetheless I will mention it here. I have two lists X,W. for each value in I want to fine the value in W that yields F(X,L)<G(X,L) where F(X,L) is a complicated integral that I have to evalute numerically, I have tried using unapply as outline in it however only made my problem worse. For small lists it seems to be reasonable but for larger precision it is not the useful. I have looked through the ?do help page and some other resources but to no avail. From what I have seen though I believe I should be using the until command in do but I can't figure it out with having two lists. 

Any help,tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated.

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