Question: How to substitute in argument of the exponential function


It might be really trivial, but I am struggling in the algebraic manipulation of the argument of the exponential function. As an example, I want to substitute 

I*T[0]*(omega1-2*omega2) = I*omega2*T[0]-I*si*T[2]

in the expression of


However, I am only able to do so by subs command and also by exactly copying the argument in the following manner.

subs(-I*T[0]*(omega1-2*omega2) = I*omega2*T[0]-I*si*T[2], exp(-I*T[0]*(omega1-2*omega2)))

The issue is I have expressions like this all over in the main problem, and I have to copy-paste such expressions for the substitution. So I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to tackle this problem. 

Thanks in Advance,


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