Question: How can I evaluate procedure J2?

Why does the execution of procedure J2 in the attached file fire an error?
it looked to me as if I had built it the same way as J1.


# Basically I want do do something like that,

J1 := proc()
  local z:
  z := proc(u) fsolve(sqrt(x)=u, x) end proc:
  evalf(Int(''z''(u), u=0..1))
end proc:




# but when z is more complex finction of two arguments.
# Unfortunately a direct transposition of what worked above no longer works.

J2 := proc()
  local z:
   z := proc(q1, q2)
         fsolve(1/2+(1/2)*erf((1/2)*x*sqrt(2)) = q1, x)
         fsolve(1/2+(1/2)*erf((1/2)*x*sqrt(2)) = q2, x)
       fsolve(1/2+(1/2)*erf((1/2)*x*sqrt(2)) = sqrt(q1), x)^2
       fsolve(1/2+(1/2)*erf((1/2)*x*sqrt(2)) = sqrt(q2), x)^2
  end proc:
  evalf(Int(''z''(q1, q2), q1=0..1, q2=0..1))
end proc:


Error, (in evalf/int) q1 is in the equation, and is not solved for





Can you help me fix this issue?

Thanks in advance

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