Question: Shortest distance between points / travelling salesman problem

I've got a problem where I need to find the shortest route between a list of points. Each point must only be visited once.

To solve the problem I admit that I have used ChatGPT. While the answer was very helpful, the thing is that it apparently doesn't work (yet). The problem is that the function in the package is not existing.

Here's the ChatGPT code.

Any help appreciated.

euclidean_distance := proc (p1, p2) options operator, arrow; sqrt((p1[1]-p2[1])^2+(p1[2]-p2[2])^2) end proc; points := [[0, 0], [1, 2], [3, 1], [5, 4]]; distance_matrix := Matrix([`$`([`$`(euclidean_distance(points[i], points[j]), i = 1 .. 4)], j = 1 .. 4)]); solution := Optimization:-LinearSumAssignment(distance_matrix); optimal_route := [`$`(points[i], `in`(i, solution[1]))]; total_distance := add(`$`(distance_matrix[i, solution[1][i]], `in`(i, solution[1]))); print("Optimal route:", optimal_route); print("Total distance:", total_distance)

"Total distance:", total_distance




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