Question: Combination of two sets

I have the set A := {12, 17, 24, 28} and the set B := {358, 568}. I would like to do the combination (at least that is the name I think I should use) of the two sets to get the following result:

{12358, 12568, 17358, 17568, 24358, 24568, 28358, 28568}

As a bonus, if it's not too complicated, I would like the procedure to see that there are two numbers that have repeating number in them. In fact, the last two elements of the result, namely 28358  and 28568 has two 8. So those last two terms should not appear in the result. We should get only the 6 elements {12358, 12568, 17358, 17568, 24358, 24568}.

There are so many possibilities with Combination and Iterator that I am lost in how to do it. Maybe someone has had to do it before me and have an idea on how to do it.

Thank you in advance for your time.


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