Question: How does one insert unusual Math symbols in a textplot with typeset?


I have created a simple plot and labelled a line as follows

Lbl:=plots[textplot]([600,-Pi*floor(R)*ln(R)-0.01,typeset(-pi*floor(r)*ln(r)),font=[Helvitica,bold,10]],labels=[T," "]):

where R is a number, so the label appears near where I want it to be:

But part of the formula is floor(r) and I can't make that appear as the 2D mathematical symbol for floor(r) in the typeset;

If I make the typeset part of an axis label or a legend, I can cut and paste the math2 expression for floor(r) just before I export the plot and that works, but how do I do that for a textplot that is sitting in the middle of a plot?

Thank you.

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