Question: Maple adds extra [] inside Vector when worksheet width is too small to fit. How to prevent.

I noticed when doing Vector([a,b,c])  and if a,b,c are too long to fit current worksheet width, Maple adds extra [], so it looks like this


When I am expecting


It is confusing as it looks now like a Matrix. The extra [] go away when the screen is made wide. If each entry is too wide for worksheet, it can wrap it, no problem there, but without adding those extra [].

I spend sometime trying to figure why I am getting a Matrix like output because of this, until by chance I changed worksheet width and noticed the [] suddenly disappeared. I do not think this is good design.

For reference, I have disabled the new Matrix scrolling in Maple 2024 per this question. I do not know if this has anything to do with what is going on here. 

Here is worksheet



`Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2024.0, Windows 10, March 01 2024 Build ID 1794891`

ode:=(3*x*y(x) - 2*x^2)*diff(y(x), x) = 2*y(x)^2 - x*y(x);

(3*x*y(x)-2*x^2)*(diff(y(x), x)) = 2*y(x)^2-x*y(x)

y(1) = -1



Vector(3, {(1) = y(x) = (1/6)*4^(1/3)*(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)/c__1+(1/6)*x^2*c__1*4^(2/3)/(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)+(1/3)*x, (2) = y(x) = -(1/12)*4^(1/3)*(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)/c__1-(1/12)*x^2*c__1*4^(2/3)/(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)+(1/3)*x-((1/2)*I)*sqrt(3)*((1/6)*4^(1/3)*(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)/c__1-(1/6)*x^2*c__1*4^(2/3)/(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)), (3) = y(x) = -(1/12)*4^(1/3)*(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)/c__1-(1/12)*x^2*c__1*4^(2/3)/(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)+(1/3)*x+((1/2)*I)*sqrt(3)*((1/6)*4^(1/3)*(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3)/c__1-(1/6)*x^2*c__1*4^(2/3)/(x^2*(3*sqrt(3)*sqrt(4*c__1*x+27)+2*c__1*x+27)*c__1^2)^(1/3))})




Here is screen show when I changed the width of the worksheet using the mouse so the equation fits

You see, now there is only ONE edge on each side as expected. Compare to this screen shot where now I make worksheet width smaller

This is confusing, since it looks like Matrix or listlist now and not Vector.

Is this by design?

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