Question: Procedure/Module Help

I've been working on my master's project and am at (at least I hope I've got it) the final stage of making Maple do everything that I want it to. I have the flow chart here which is a little hard to see while looking at the module I have set up.

The difficulty I'm having is getting it to run as a whole. I just do not know what I need to do to get the thing started. The way I have it set up is that each procedure references another until they are done - a loop structure. Which may be more appropriate but I humbly submit it to you.

I do not completely understand the module pieces. I do know that each procedure I have inside of here should work (and if not, that's why it's a master's problem :D)

Thank you again for looking!

 (I know the local and export may not be correct, and sorry for the matrix multiplication looking so ugly here)

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