Question: Index a Table with a float?

In one case, I have a sequence that starts at zero and increments by 0.1. I enclose it in square brackets to form a list.  I have another list of function values evaluated at these points.  Then, I have a similar sequence that starts at zero, but increments by 0.05.  Again, I evaluate the same function for a total of 4 lists.  Two inputs, two outputs. 

I create a table from these and want to get the data out at, say, 0.2. 

In one case, I key in Value[0.2] and get out the value of the function at 0.2.  However, in the table that came from the list that had the 0.05 increments, I must key in Value[0.20], not Value[0.2].  I have a feeling this has to do with the underlying precision of the float.  Perhaps indexing with a float is a bad idea...?

Here's the code...(attached)

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