Question: How do I find the permutations from a selected subset of all permutations?

I uploaded to my file section a file called "Kill and Imprison Order""

Thanks to your help, this program works. I can specify an arbitrary order, such as [4,6,1,15] of players who kill or imprison other players. The program will then eliminate other players given player 4 gets to kill and imprison first, then player 6, and so on. However, I now need to test this in a for-loop over ALL permutations, or over a selected subset of the set of all permutations, of all the players.  Is that possible in Maple?

Is there a command such as (in pseudocode):

G = set of all ordered 4-tuplets taken from a set of 18 players

for each g in G, return g([1,2,3,4])?    G has size 18-choose-4 times 4! = 3060* 24 = 73440

So, one of these g's would return g([1,2,3,4]) == [4,6,1,15], for example.

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