Question: MapleSoft sells out

So MapleSoft has sold out to a Japanese engineering company. I have lost all hope that the company will ever care about mathematicians again.

It used to. But for years it has all been about engineering. The new features that mathematicians care about get fewer every year. All R&D seems to be on the MapleSim, Matlab integration etc or interface.

I used to be a zealose advocate of Maple and it has been hard to let go. But for some time, while I have been teaching in Maple, I have increasingly used Mathematica for my own work. With this news it is time  to re-write my course as I have lost hope of a change of direction.

You only have to look at the amount of free stuff for math that wolfram put out to see who cares about my community- mathworld,, wolframalpha. Maplesoft have to understand that this is why the community responds to Wolfram. Look at at over 5000 items in 2 years. The Maple application center is at 1900 items over 20 years.

The first 10 years were fun, and I am sorry to leave.

I hope you all keep your jobs in the takeover.

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