Question: Critical points

I have a new one :) I need to find the critical points and tell their nature of a 3 variable function. It's a new thing for me and i'm not sure if i did it ok, here's what i have tried:

g := 1-2*x+3*x^2-x*y+x*z-z^2+4*z+y^2+2*y*z;

ex := extrema(g, {}, {x, y, z}, 't'); - stores the extreme value of f in ex

evalf(ex); - displays the extreme value in decimal

t; - contains the critical points of f

evalf(t); - displays the critical points in decimal

I got only one point, 3, and i'm guessing it's a minimum point.


Am i right ? :) Does anybody have other solutions ?


Thanks in advance!

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