Question: Calculating monthly payments on a car - in a way, more difficult in newer maple versions

In older maple versions, calculating your monthly payments on a car, for example, have become a little more cumbersome. 

Older versions had a built in function called finance, which has since been removed in the newer versions.  The syntax for the command was finance(amount= , interest=, payments=, or periods=) you could leave out one and maple would calculate the unknown.  The most common unknown was the amount of your monthly payments on a car which nowadays is usually a fixed finance level of 48 months.

The older maple syntax was 


finance(amount=21000,interest=.019/12,periods=48);              with the answer coming out as payment=454.68

Now in the new maple since no such command exists.  You have to know the equation, and this is where a helpful reference of equations on a help page would come in handy.  However for the time being we must look elsewhere and we find the equation to be M:=(P*r*(1+r)^n)/(((1+r)^n)-1);  with A-amount, n-periods, r-interest rate and M being the monthly payments. 

Does anyone know why maple removed the finance command?  Is there a similar command in the newer versions of Maple that I'm missing?

Can I make a finance command?


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