Question: animating a point plot


I am trying to animate this code, I have a loop that makes a matrix of random numbers

with(RandomTools):for i from 1 to 20 do
>   for j from 1 to 2 do
>   p[i, j] := i+Generate(float, 0..1);
>   od;
> od;   

and if I try to plot the following this works such as

points:= {seq([p[T,1], p[T, 2], T],T=1..20)};
pointplot3d(points, symbol=box);

This gives me all 20 points on the plot

But I would like to animate this plot so that p[1,1], p[1, 2], 1 shows up first then p[2,1],p[2,2],2 shows up next with the first point leaving etc,  The code I am trying is

> pleaseWork := proc(x) pointplot3d([[p[x, 1],p[x, 2], x]], color = blue, symbol = box, symbolsize = 40) end proc;
> animate(pleaseWork, [x], x=1..20);

Does anyone have any suggestions


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