Question: Multiple arguments with functions...

I wonder if maple has a way for multiple inputs to functions.  For example, given:

f := (x,y) → x + y

is there a way to pass in (x,y) = (0,0) AND (1,1) at the same time?   I tried:


But the output doesn't make sense to me.I have wanted this feature as long as I have had maple, but gave up on this possibility.  Now by accident I discovered something quite similar. when checking maple's solution to a system of equations.

sol := solve([x^2+x*y+y^2 = 1, x^2+x*z+z^2 = 4, y^2+y*z+z^2 = 7]);

allvalues(eval(x^2+x*y+y^2, sol[3]));


This is kind of like what I would expect to be returned from passing in multiple values to a function.  Can someone tell me how I can get maple to accept multiple arguments to functions?  Thanks.


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