Question: How do i solve Kirchoff's Law using maple

I was wondering if someone can help me solve a problem of kirchoff's law using maple, heres the problem:

Use maple and Laplace transform to find the charge q(t) on the capacitor in an RC series circuit with the following conditions; graph q(t) on the interval 0<t<6 and use the graph to estimate the time and value of the maximum charge

R=50 ohms
C=.01 farads
E is a piecewise where 1<x<3 = 100, everywhere else is zero
I'm assuming that since nothing is said about the inductance in the initial conditions, L=0

heres what i got so far:

>i(t):= diff(q(t),t);
>odeQ := eval( KirchoffLaw, {charge,E[emf]=e(t)});
>ics:=q(0)=0, R=50, C=.01;

heres where i get stuck, im having trouble inputting the piecewise part into the initial conditions(ics) then solving. I was given the hint to convert the piecewise to Heaviside, but that lost me.

if theres someone that can help me out, i would appriciate it

thanks in advance


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