Question: ...tell Maple to print a decimal number?

I tried the following:

h1:=t->piecewise(t < 0, 0, binomial(n, t)*p^t*(1-p)^(n-t));
k1:=t->piecewise(type(h1(t), And(realcons,Not(infinity) ) ), h1(t), 0);

add(k1(t)*u1(t),t=-infinity..infinity);  [didn´t work. maybe 'add' kann only compute a finite number.]

First question: => How am I going to compute an EV, i.e. the sum from -infinity to infinity?


Next I tried:

add(k1(t)*u1(t),t=0..1000); [but Maple didn´t reply with a decimal number.]

Usually one can force Maple to print a decimal number, by putting a dot behind one input number.

Anyway, this did not help here. May someone tell me how I can tell Maple to print a decimal number instead of this really long expression?


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